Mar 6, 2011

Your Wall or Mine?

Hi Everybody!

I came across this great article in Metroplus, supplement of 'The Hindu', my favourite Indian newspaper and felt like sharing it with you all. It is about the latest trend -'social networking' and the pros and cons of it. I found it to be very informative and fun to read, with occasional doses of humour. Check it out!

The dilemma of an individual when he finds that the latest ‘status' symbol in life is a wall.
The conversation between the two characters, Before Computers (BC) and After Digital (AD), continues…
BC: I always thought these newfangled sites were designed to make us lazy. But…
AD: Really? I get so much done on Facebook — even as I check my friends out, I handle training programmes.
BC: E-learning?
AD: No, KOC.
BC: K-12 Online Certification?
AD: No, Kingdoms of Camelot.
BC: What's that?
AD: You don't know? It's a craze on Facebook. It's about building cities, raising armies, training them and defending your city from outside attacks.
BC: I'm just too busy defending my wall.
AD: Why, what happened?

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