Mar 14, 2013

Towards a Healthy Life...

"To be fit as a fiddle," is the new mantra nowadays. But in the race to become healthy ,we are ignoring some basic health needs.
The so called 'health gurus' advocate strange things.
"Avoid rice completely," says one.
"Don't use oil," says another.

Has anyone given a thought to what our ancestors ate? They were never crazy about eating raw food, but always ate variety of dishes, including pulses and oil. They were healthy and definitely lived longer. They also did a lot of physical activity which helped them maintain good health.

So they key to healthy living is simple- Choose different kinds of food that provides you with a variety of nutrients, consume it in moderation and exercise daily!

You just need to remember the healthy eating pyramid and choose foods accordingly- 


Tip: Remember to use healthy cooking oil like rice bran oil in your dishes.

My personal favourite is Fortune Rice Bran Health. It is the healthiest oil on the planet! It contains valuable nutrients like Tocotrienol (a very powerful Vitamin-E), skin-friendly compound Squalene and above all the amazingly heart-friendly Oryzanol. Rice Bran Oil also has the highest cholesterol lowering property amongst all the common edible vegetable oils.


On this note, I would like to share my signature healthy recipe made using Fortune Rice Bran Health
a South Indian dish 'Sattunavu' which literally translates to 'strength food'.

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