10/10 Tuesday Prompts

The Origin :

This ingenious idea originated in the mind of Cynthia Vincent, one of my friends from college. Being a regular blogger, she always had to delve into the depths of her brain to think of topics. She found many bloggers hosting writing prompts, which helped her out many times.
But, after a nice long search, she could find writing prompts for almost everyday of the week, with the exception of Tuesday! And so 10/10 Tuesdays was born.

I will be co hosting this prompt with her.

The Plan:

    It's very simple. All you have to do is write 10 Sentences with 10 words each.
    A new prompt will be hosted on every Tuesday and you will get time till the next Monday evening to write. The link will close on Monday at 6.00 PM.

The Rules:

    The prompt should be included in your 10 sentences atleast once. It can be in the beginning, end or anywhere, but once is mandatory.
    It should comprise of exactly 10 sentences and each sentence would be made up of 10 words exactly.
    No obscene content is permitted and every post will be moderated.
    You can choose to write fiction, non-fiction or Poetry. It is your choice.
    You will need to include the link of the prompt in your write up(This is mandatory).

The Reward:

Every week, a panel would choose a post that was better than the rest and it will be displayed on our blogs.

P.S: Below every week's prompt, we will provide a link up where you can add your links. The first prompt will be live from tomorrow(7th October, 2014) on Cynthia's blog.

All set? Lets get those creative juices flowing...

1 comment:

cynthia vincent said...

Thanks for the write up and introducing me in your blog Deepika. Can't wait to co-host with you and can't wait to read the entries :)

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