Feb 11, 2011

All About Love: Part 1

The word 'love' has different connotations. 
It exists in different forms- parental love, romantic love, love between friends; all love that arises out of blood ties, etc  
No matter what form it is received in, love has immense power. 
It helps you cheer up; uplifts your mood and is a feel good factor.
Metamorphically speaking, love has the power to move mountains.
Love can also be a source of comfort when you're in the dumps.
It can motivate you when the situation demands.
It can provide solace when you feel all is lost.
Receiving love makes you feel 'wanted' and you will feel the need to return the love.
Selfless love can touch lives
Love strikes a chord in your life..
Love brightens up your life.
Summing it all up- LOVE ROCKS! :)

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