Feb 20, 2011

All About Love: Part 3

I feel lost 
I'm all alone in this big bad world...

Where has all the love gone?
It seems to have disappeared without a trace
The fire has perished 
and only the ashes remain...

There is none to look upon,
for the support I need
Somewhere down the line,
a gaping hole has formed
in my life..

Where has all the love gone?


Vrajesh Patel said...

nic 1

Deepz said...

Thank you so much :)

Vinay Leo R. said...

Love is perhaps on a time-out. It does that once a while and makes us go into a moody gloomy phase, but it returns. it does return..!

Deepz said...

yes, love is a strange thing..most unpredictable and sublime..
Glad that you dropped by my blog :)!

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