Aug 19, 2012

A Lonely Stretch of Road

This post is the first one in the new series Fiction

The clock struck twelve and I shivered involuntarily, regretting my decision to take the shortcut home. The deserted, narrow, winding path seemed to stretch on for eternity. The trees that lined it were dark and forbidding and there was not a soul in sight. The street lights, which were few and dim, only added to the gloom.

A gentle breeze blew, making the leaves on the trees rustle. The sight looked eerie in the semi-darkness. The sudden hooting of an owl startled me and I felt lonely and frightened. The strange sounds made by the insects made my heart beat madly in my chest.

As I walked cautiously along the road, I suddenly saw a pair of gleaming lamps in the distance, accompanied by loud honking. Confused, I hesitated for a moment. Should I hide or reveal myself, I wondered? For all I know it could be a stranger or maybe a friend? As the object moved closer, I noted with happiness that it was my father on his motorcycle. Relief washed through me as I sprinted towards him. The ordeal was over.

Note: Image sourced from Google

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