Sep 17, 2014

C for Cyrus-coward and commitment-phobic

Team : Wings of change

Note: This post has been written for a contest 'Game of Blogs' being held by Blogadda. Several teams, each comprising of ten random bloggers are chosen to compete. Each team has to weave a story using characters provided by Blogadda. Each member has to continue the story from where the previous person left it.

So far, seven chapters have been written by our team.

Here is my post-

 Chapter 8: C for Cyrus- coward and commitment phobic

As Cyrus stared at the woman before him, he couldn’t hide his surprise.  It was Jennifer, but she looked totally different, even more beautiful than she had been before.  His eyes became moist and he struggled with his emotions. Unable to utter a single word, he just stood there, opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish. But within his brain, the memories were travelling fast, back to the time when he had left Kerala…and Jennifer.

(Nine years ago- Cyrus)
Back in his hostel room, Cyrus quickly called up a cab to take him to the airport. Piling all his stuff into his bag, he grabbed a quick bite and ran to the cab, not informing anyone that he was leaving. His main aim was to get out of Kottayam as soon as possible. During the 90km ride to Cochin airport, Cyrus’s thoughts were focused on one thing- ‘Forget the past and move on’. 

Back in Delhi, Cyrus played his emotional cards well and convinced his parents that he was severely homesick. Being a pampered and only son of affluent parents had its benefits and they let him stay at home. 
For the next year, Cyrus stayed at home, spending his time aimlessly. He could never forget Jennifer and the time he had spent with her. “She was a true beauty, with her casual dressing and rebellious attitude. She cared a lot about me. But I couldn’t be with her,” he often thought to himself. 

She had texted and called him repeatedly in the first month after he had returned to Delhi, but he had ignored her and changed his simcard. She then took to emailing him, but he ignored the emails and opened a new account. He also deleted all the other traces of his life in Kerala. 

Cyrus knew that he had liked being with Jenny and had a strong attraction for her, but he was also aware that his parents would never accept a free spirited girl like her. Moreover, he wasn’t interested in a serious relationship. Watching his parents quarrel everyday had turned him into a commitment phobic man who wanted to live life without any shackles.
He had just wanted to atleast enjoy Jennifer’s company during his time at Kottayam. But that night had changed everything. Too many drinks had made him lose control and he hadn’t even used protection.  He sighed to himself. Hopefully she wasn’t pregnant or something, he thought and brushed his worries away.  He whiled away another year, during which his parents began to badger him to do something.

Soon, bored, Cyrus finally decided to pursue law. The subject had always interested him, but he hadn’t gotten a chance to pursue it. After some arguments, his dad was convinced and managed to secure him a seat in a prestigious law college in Delhi.
Cyrus spent the next five years in college, studying the integrated BA.BL. course. Right from day one, he had the girls swooning over him.  They all wanted a piece of this tall, fair and handsome man, who was much older than them, maybe experienced too. Initially, he ignored the ladies and tried to stay away, but after a while, it became difficult. The girls tried all means to woo him and he was a young virile man, after all.

He had his fair share of fun while in college, but he also managed to do justice to his studies. So no one had any complaints.
Despite the numerous girls he went out with, Cyrus could never feel anything for any of them. After every encounter, his thoughts always drifted back to Jennifer. He realized that no one could care for him the way she had and felt guilty for leaving her. His guilt induced rebelliousness and he was back in the game, trying to find a new Jenny. But there was no one. Jennifer was unique and irreplaceable.

In spite of realizing his love for Jennifer, Cyrus could not bring himself to go back to Kerala to meet her. He was still a coward and did not have the guts to face her. He was also wary of commitment even now.  

Soon, five years were up. Cyrus completed his course and got placed in a law firm. A year later, while walking out of the courtroom, he came across an old acquaintance. The woman glared at him, eyes seething with anger and he remembered that she was Jennifer’s friend. Jenny had introduced her during a party they had been to. 

The nurse was there to meet a lawyer for a family dispute. She had moved to Delhi two years ago, she told him. She shouted at Cyrus and narrated to him how Jenny had managed her pregnancy and left the child at an adoption agency.
On learning that he was a father, Cyrus was spellbound.  “I have a little girl..” he said softly. He was delighted at first and his eyes shone with love. He had always liked children. Being with them, one felt at ease and could forget all problems. Then it hit him. Jennifer! The poor woman had to face so many hardships, because of his cowardice. He felt ashamed of what he had done. And his eyes welled up with tears.  He asked the nurse about Jenny and his child’s whereabouts. She told him that Jennifer was happy in a new life and refused to give any details, After his repeated pleading, the nurse revealed the name of the adoption agency. Before Cyrus could respond, she left in a huff.

That night, Cyrus was plagued by nightmares about Jennifer and his child. He wanted to meet Jenny and ask for forgiveness. He wanted to be with his little daughter. But how?
Not knowing whether he would be able to face Jenny after all these years, he decided to trace his child first. Using his contacts in the legal field, Cyrus soon learnt that the child was adopted by parents in Mumbai. He travelled there and found out all the details. He managed to put a months leave and began following Roohi regularly.  He always watched her from a distance, but did not dare to go near her. He even went as far as the family’s doorstep but could not muster the courage to tell them anything and returned heavyhearted.

Today, he had finally managed to walk towards Roohi and saw Jennifer! His heart pumped loudly and he opened his mouth and said, “Jenny…”


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