Sep 22, 2014

Of Worries and Celebrations

Team : Wings of change

Note: This post has been written for a contest 'Game of Blogs' being held by BlogAdda. Several teams, each comprising of ten random bloggers are chosen to compete. Each team has to weave a story using characters provided by BlogAdda. Each member has to continue the story from where the previous person left it.

Our team successfully made it to round two :) Three cheers to us!  So far, eleven chapters have been written by our team.

Here is my post-

Chapter 12:  Of Worries and Celebrations

Two weeks ago...

As Shekhar stood outside the emergency room of the hospital, he was puzzled. He had recognized the bleeding man the instant he had looked at him. Mr. Cyrus was the same man who had knocked on his doorstep a day ago and then rushed away without explanation.
The doctors had said that it would take an hour for them to comment about the man’s condition. Hoping that the man would be alright, Shekhar immersed himself in his thoughts.“There is something that the man wants to tell me or my family. I wonder what it could be? Is it fate that we should meet two days in a row? What is going on?” he wondered.

The buzz of his mobile phone disturbed Shekhar’s thoughts. It was a message from Tara- ‘Im worried. Did you pick up Roohi? Why no intimation from you? Meeting is still on, so text me your reply’.
 Shekhar texted her back-  ‘Aryan picked her up and Roohi is at his home with his family. I couldn’t go as something cropped up. Relax, I will fill you in on the details later.’

Once again, he began recollecting the turn of events.
On his way to the hospital with an unconscious Cyrus, Shekhar had called up Aryan Ahuja, who was a neighbour and family friend. Telling Aryan about the accident, he had requested him to pick up Roohi as she would be waiting at school.
“Hope you are okay, man. Don’t worry! I will pick up Roohi and leave her with my kids. Shall I come over to the hospital?” Aryan had enquired.
“No, I can manage. I’m not hurt that much, but another man is. I have to be here to ensure he is alright. And one more thing, as of now, please don’t tell Tara or Roohi about what happened. They will both begin to worry unnecessarily. I will tell them in person later tonight,” Shekhar had replied.
After that, he had tried dialing the emergency contact number on Mr.Cyrus’s card. But the call had not been answered despite repeated attempts.
“Mr. Dutta?”  Shekhar was jolted out of his thoughts.  It was the doctor.
“Mr. Cyrus has regained consciousness. He will be alright. You can speak to him now.”


The same night, back in their home in Trivandrum, Jennifer and Kumar were lying in bed, facing each other. 
“Yes, Jenny?”
“I love you so much. I am very sorry. Please forgive me. I should never have denied you the delight of being a parent, ” sobbed Jennifer.
“Shh…Jenny. There is nothing to forgive. It is okay. Just try to calm down. I understand your feelings  and will always be there for you,” said Kumar as he hugged Jennifer and gently brushed away her tears.

Kumar’s embrace and soothing words gradually helped Jennifer regain her composure. Finally making up her mind, she said: “I’m ready. I think it is time for us to start a family, Kumar.” 
Looking into those eyes that were filled with love and sparkled with new-found hope, Kumar asked-
“Are you sure? I thought we were happy just being with each other? Don’t make impulsive decisions that you will regret later, dear.”

“I’m 100 percent sure Kumar. I have already denied you the joy of parenthood for two years now. You stood by me through my decision and shielded me from nasty remarks or rebuttals from your family and our acquaintances. I feel indebted to you for everything that you have done for me. Moreover, I want to bear your child. He/she shall be just like you…” Jennifer’s long speech was cut short as Kumar tightened his grip on her. He stroked her hair gently as he brushed his lips over hers and kissed her deeply. Jennifer responded with enthusiasm and both were lost in the magic of the moment. 

After a few seconds, Kumar said- “Oh! I am so happy, Jenny…you are going to bear our child! Don’t say that it is mine alone, it will be the fruit of both our efforts.” he winked at her and smiled.
Jennifer’s face brightened up as her features curved into a beautiful smile. But her eyes were still brimming with tears.
“What? Now why are you crying?” asked Kumar.
“I’m very happy, silly! These are tears of happiness.” responded Jennifer.
“Ok. I think there has been enough talking. Now let us celebrate this moment and the decision,” said Kumar as he pulled Jennifer towards him.
Giggling loudly, Jennifer stretched her hand and switched off the lamp. It was time for action…


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