Jul 11, 2010

Currents of Thought

Bessi beach,
5:30 am
                      I’m standing at the sea shore- the location being the famous Besant Nagar beach in Chennai. It’s early in the morning, a bitterly cruel cold wind is blowing. It sends an icy chill down my spine, which has nothing to do with fear. There are people around me, but I feel a strange loneliness. There’s still some time left for sunrise. I stand still, hearing the sound of waves splashing – and I’m staring into the horizon. The sky slowly begins to brighten and there’s an orange glow cast everywhere. It’s a slightly cloudy day but still the view before me is amazing. As I stare at the waves, I feel different; my mind seems calm and my worldly worries seem to be evaporating rapidly. I don’t understand what’s happening at first, but then realization dawns, slowly.

It feels like I have developed a strange bond with the waves. They seem to be communicating with me somehow...The message is clear- “Forget your worries, no tension, just relax.” I feel very peaceful, I have nothing to worry about.

I become very philosophical all of a sudden. I start to ponder about the meaning of life. I wonder about the beauty of nature. I realize that in our fast paced life, we have ‘ no time’ – we are running a constant rat race; we don’t  stop to smell the flowers. In short, we have no time to devote to nature, to soothe our minds. I can relate very well to the ‘nature concept’ portrayed in the movie ‘Avatar’. Though we’ve all known about this previously, the truth of it all becomes instilled in my mind today, in a firm manner. Mankind is but a tiny blob in this vast universe. He is very insignificant , but his thoughts and actions when magnified in large proportions may result in apocalypse even!? So will the world end in 2012?? Only time will tell.

As these thoughts envelop my mind, I’m startled to know about the power of the human mind. The mention of ‘Noetic Science’ ( in Dan Brown’s latest book- “The Lost Symbol”) crosses my mind. It feels good to think about the scientific discoveries and inventions, but only as long as they are used for the betterment of mankind.
           Someone shouts my name. I’m transported back to reality! My mini reverie has ended and I’m no longer lost in thought.
I laugh and talk with the others as we make our way back home.
Another beautiful day has begun……

(Image courtesy: Google Images)

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Unknown said...

Deepika , i wonder " When u become philosopher?

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