Jul 17, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

‘Hostel’.The word seemed synonymous with ‘hostile’ in my opinion. It conjured up images of small rooms with metal beds, tasteless food and a prison like atmosphere devoid of fun or peace. The impression in my mind was very strong, thanks to constant rantings that I had heard in my childhood. I had been threatened to ‘behave well’, failing which I would be abolished or sent to exile, in other words, HOSTEL! I used to shiver at the mere thought of the horror, so I toed the line, but in misery and helplessness..
That was several years ago, when I was a little kid.

Then came the golden years of my life-Teenage. Adolescent age brought with it a myriad of problems ranging from constant arguments  to coping with pimples, as hormones wreaked havoc on my mind and body.
It was during my teenage years that I really began to understand the meaning of hostel life. It meant freedom from parents’ advice, the ability to make my own choices and decisions and also a chance to be independent. And so I went for it!

During my final year of BBM , I was moving full steam ahead with plans of studying MBA in hostel. I had opted for studying in my dream city Chennai, but the college was yet to be chosen. But thanks to friends and family, HCL group’s SSN college chose me.
I got in through merit quota and celebrated my success.

                                                   Monsoon in the SSN campus

That was two years ago. It was then that my journey began…

The memories abound in my heart. The past two years have definitely been a life  changing experience for me. Right from day one to the last, I have lived every moment to the fullest. I have turned into an independent, confident person able to face challenges with ease.

Millions of images flood my mind-
Initially being a close knit group of six at staff quarters, then four more joining in, two of whom would go on to be close to my heart- Gita and Swaroopa; later moving to the actual hostel where Preeti and Suvarna would become my best buddies. All my hostel mates taught me a lot about life- caring, sharing, teasing and helping me cope with washing my own clothes!

  • I remember the late night chats with Gitu: long after the clock struck 12,
  • writing assignments while cursing the one who gave them,
  • the feasts at the mess where one supposedly got the best food in months,
  • evening walks in the sprawling college campus,
  • Preeti constantly teasing me (and me complaining even though I actually liked it),
  • Swaroopa’s useful and meaningful advice about all and sundry,
  • Suvarna's enjoyable company ,
  • going to canteen when mess food became too boring and 
  • also the group study sessions.
I learnt to maintain a balance between constant pressure during an MBA course and living in hostel for the first time.
I vividly recollect the constant flow of SMS among my friends and me during class hours,
clicking pics of  friends sleeping in class,
celebrating birthdays in class,
discussing case studies in groups,
bunking classes and still trying to maintain customary attendance levels,
seminar sessions,
organizing our college’s B-school meet DAKSHA and
the final semester project that took a toll on many friends’ physical and mental health!

I’m thankful to all my classmates and friends, without whom I wouldn’t have enjoyed my MBA course- especially Bala, Ananth, Sumana, Archana, Harish, Karthik, Jaya, Syed, Selva, Ameer, Sandhya, Abishek, Srini, Raji, Abirami, Andal, Karthika, Roopasree, Saran and Lakshmi. But all my classmates of MBA will stay in my memories always.

All's well that ends well and here I am back home, almost an MBA.Only the project Viva result remains.
After that, the job hunt will begin..
But that is an entirely different story altogether…
Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

haha..nice..i wish i had known that u liked me pulling ur leg.. would have pulled it longer :P just kidding..really miss hostel life, now that im no longer in hostel :(

Deepz said...

ok dear:) u still have the chance coz im moving to chennai..u can tease ,me weneva v meet ;D i miss hostel life too :(

Unknown said...

Ya deepi , its true and more to say, " College days was superb and we rocked every classes by chatting , sleeping and texting except listening to those mokka lectures.

Sandhya Iyer said...

All the best lady!!! :) and yea MBA :D Do we need to say more?

nknown said...

hey very nice article. keep on writing so that i can get out of the boredom of working within 4 walls by reading your articles

Deepz said...

@ Bala : v sure did:)most memorable days ever!
@ Sandy :Thanks sandy..lets c how far my MBA tag takes me
@ Suvarna :Thank u dear..u can chek out my previous posts too for combating boredom...also, i wil post more stuff especially for u :)

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