Jul 14, 2010

Will You Cross The Skies for Me? (Movie Review)

This post is about one of my favourite Tamil movies.

Title:Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya (Tamil)                
Director: Gautham Menon
Cast: Simbu, Trisha
Music: A.R Rahman

A masterpiece by director Gautham Menon- with great music by A.R Rahman; awesome performances by Simbu and Trisha, this film is a winner out and out. The cinematography is excellent-the camera has captured scenic locations with ease. The dialogues are catchy and in tune with the current era. Youngsters will enjoy this movie but it may not appeal to one and all. Anyone and everyone who understands the love and the pain of loss can relate to this movie. VTV is the kind of movie that tugs at your heartstrings.

The movie is a ‘classic’ and very different from the ‘run of the mill’ stuff that is churned out regularly in the film industry. It is neither the usual romance flick nor a mass/masala film. Its on an entirely different plane altogether. It appeals to the senses in a sort of intricate, delicate manner. Emotions buried deep in your heart are aroused and you are left with bitter sweet thoughts.[Atleast this is how I felt!]

The costumes- oh my! Trisha looks very pretty in simple cotton sarees in light/pale colours. She has light makeup and looks cute. Simbu looks very decent (so strange and a rare phenomenon!) thanks to good dressing and controlled acting (no overacting) in just the optimal mix. The chemistry between the lead pair is lovely.

Coming to some minor drawbacks; the movie seems a bit lengthy and seems to stretch a little- especially in some scenes where Simbu works towards being an Assistant director. But otherwise it seems good enough. The main problem is that it ends tragically.A love story in which the boy and the girl are not united at the end. Not an ‘and they lived happily after’ story. You are left with a lump in your throat.

But that's how life is, isn’t it?! Its not a bed of roses. You will encounter thorns too. This movie is practical and based on reality. That’s an aspect which is both good and bad!
Good- because it depicts the truth
Bad-because people don’t want to face the truth.
On the whole, I would put this film at 3.5 to 4 on a 5 point scale. It definitely scored brownie points from me for the superb music
What do you think?


Suria said...

have u seen 5oo days of summer..? if not pls watch it..u might give a thought about reconsidering whatever you have written in your post...

Anand sambamoorthy said...

Tamil cinema in recent years seemed to b movin through a horrible phase but VTV can be given stars for havin added oxygen for audiences watchin a tamil film

wat is gowtham tryin to say ?
women r complicated .. agreed!! their decisions @ times sucks? rite....
its been portrayed in good manner ,but worthless conflict make d storyline dull.
To be frank the most realistic thing that covered me in this film was, love story ending tragically , if climax was like pairin hands of trisha n simbhu . grrrr gowtham would be ass kicked for gettin away from reality.
The film gets life with A.R. Rahman’s mesmerizing background score n cinematography was brilliant to whomsoever it is concerned

MY verdict:
VTV-Doesn cross D skies to the expected level…
(vinnai thanda villai)

Sinthi said...

Hi sweety,
Whatever u ve written s exactly true.even i loved d film sooooooo much (except few scenes) but still as u said my heart also can't accept the climax.Anyway,there is a wonderful explanation n experience while watching d film..I love Gowtham Menon for his lovely creature

Deepz said...

@Suria : I will watch that movie and voice my opinions.
@Anand :The conflict could have been reduced.Nevertheless it was a gud entertainer, thanks to gr8 music. Cinematography definitely helped in enhancing the experience.But since the pre release hype was too much,it mite have disappointed many viewers.

Deepz said...

@ Sinthi :It was an enchanting experience to watch the film. Thanks for ur cute comment :)

Deepz said...

I thank all my friends who have spared their time to voice their views :) Thank u :D

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