Aug 26, 2010

Fashion Talk (Part 1)

Disclaimer: This series of posts is about my views on fashion( for women). It stems from my observation of  what people around me (in my city and my country India) have been and are wearing.

The world of fashion is an ever changing one.Every season there are new trends mushrooming at such a rapid pace that it becomes an impossible task for people to keep up. Only the elite class can afford to update themselves as frequently as there are changes in fashion trends. Among the others,some people try their best to have something that is 'in vogue' while some others are least bothered.
No matter what your take on fashion is, I have some simple tips for you.

Some simple fashion ideas:

  • Leggings: This trend is hugely overrated.Every other person seems to be wearing them in different combinations-with T Shirts, Kurtis,Tunics etc While mix and match is always good, it is essential to remember 'Only some body types are flattered by leggings, while the rest need to keep away from them, or wear long/loose fitting tops with them!'(depending on body type) 
  • Skirts : These are the girly options of dressing. They come in all shapes and lengths and can be worn with t shirts or tops. They may be swirly/stiff, made of denim/cotton, etc. My personal favourite is  'a long swirly skirt ' in a light colour.
  • The Chudidhar: This is the most common outfit I have ever seen. It is a simple, hassle free way to dress. It is preferred by all and sundry probably due to the fact that it is comfortable and can be altered or customised very easily.This is a multi purpose option and can be used for different occasions.Its sisters are 'The Salwar kameez' and 'The Patiala'
  • The Dress: In my opinion, this is a stylish option. It comes in many types, the most fashionable being 'the little black dress' suitable for parties.

  • Jeans and T Shirt: A pair of jeans with a simple T shirt is a sure way to look smart as well as stylish. This look can never go out of fashion.
  • Kurtis : This is one versatile piece of clothing. It can be matched with Jeans, Leggings and even long skirts( if you want to experiment)
  • Sleeveless Tshirts, Racer back T shirts , Spaghetti tops are some simple options to stay cool during  the summer. They may be worn with shrugs and a good pair of cotton pants to look fashionable.
  • Denim Jacket : One word describes it - 'cool'. It can be worn with jeans and T shirt to complete the look. Jackets in other materials are good too but no match for one in denim.
  • The Saree: This is the original Indian costume. It has its own benefits. It helps to show off a great figure but at the same time helps in hiding a bad one, if draped accordingly. Almost everyone looks good in a Saree.
The bottomline is 'Wear what you feel comfortable in and do not be a victim of fashion trends'

(Images courtesy: Google Images)

Note: The next post in this series will be on accessories.


Anonymous said...

i think you researched very well about the topic. My suggestion is that when you took this kind of topic , it will be better if u add some pictures of dress you told.

- Subramaniyan

Deepz said...

@ Anonymous: Thanks for the tip!

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