Sep 9, 2010

Health Mania

This post was conceived as an aftermath of  National Nutrition Week in India.

Before proceeding with this post, here is an overview, courtesy Google:
 National nutrition week is celebrated from September 1st to 7th every year. Nutrition is the focal point of health and well being. In other words, it allows you to be strong,provides you with energy to do the things you want and makes you look and feel your best.
Today there is a wealth of nutrition information at your fingertips-from diet books to newspaper articles, everyone seems to have an opinion on what you should be eating.

Now, lets move to the actual post.

My awareness about national nutrition week was zero, until this year. It was by chance that I came across an advertisement (about nutrition week ) by Nestle in Facebook. That did it.

I began my pursuit of happiness,in other words the pursuit of health and fitness. My mood swings were directly proportional to the 'health quotient' of what I ate. If  I ate an ice-cream, I became angry, whereas if I ate an apple, I was happy.

In an attempt to improve my health and also to reduce my weight, I made a few changes in my lifestyle :

Daily food intake:
  • An early breakfast comprised of cereals/oats/Kellogs K atleast thrice a week.
  • Mid morning snack(during hunger pangs at around 11am) was a Horlicks Nutri Bar
  • Lunch time meant reduced consumption of rice and increased consumption of vegetables
  • Evening snacks comprised of fresh fruits instead of chips/biscuits
  • Dinner consisted of two wheat chappathis and some dal
Green leafy vegetables were incorporated into my diet ( I used to hate them prior to my health addiction)

I also started Working out for an hour daily at a local fitness centre.

           Its been a week since I began my health quest. I'm counting on it to help me become fit. I hope for the best!

(Images courtesy: Google Images)


Anonymous said...

nutrition week is over da... :-) You can resume eating all foods you like. loooooolllllllll.........

- Subramaniyan

Deepz said...

@ Subramaniyan: Jus becoz nutrition week is over, it doesnt mean one should resume consumption of unhealthy food! :)

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