Jan 31, 2011

The Quest for Size Zero

Note: This post is exclusively for girls.

Fact: In reality, size zero does not exist! 
I'm not going into the details now. However, for some info, click here .

Many of us dream of having the perfect hour-glass figure. We try to do all kinds of things in order to fulfill that desire. But in vain.

In today's materialistic world, looks do matter and there's no denying that!

Everyone of us has an innate desire to look good and be admired. Apart from that there are these glossy magazines and other media that depict waif like models wearing gorgeous clothes.
As a result, our desire increases manifold. But as we are just ordinary people, the perfect body seems to be out of reach for us.

So what do we do?
We go on crazy diets, starve ourselves and stay away from yummy food. JUST because we want to fit into clothes that are four sizes too small ! If at our current overweight size, we somehow fit into such clothes, then unsightly bulges will pop out. This will truly mar the image of perfection.

During the flings with dieting, our craving for junk food increases. We somehow control ourselves, but that has a negative impact on our mood- we often become irritable. That tasty bar of chocolate has never been more inviting.
In case we give in to the craving as a momentary thing, the guilt that follows is overwhelming.
It is very difficult to deviate from our usual unhealthy lifestyle.
Not only that, once the diet fad dies down, those kilos pile up yet again.

So how can we attain that impossible dream of being size zero? 

In my opinion, it is definitely important to look good. (read the adage "look good, feel good!") But it is not necessary to be size zero to look good. You can look good, no matter what your size- as long as you dress well. Wear the kind of clothes that suit you and do not be a victim of fashion trends.
( For more tips on fashion, click here and here)

The aim should be to become fit rather than thin.
For being fit, you should eat moderately and exercise regularly. Eat everything, but avoid overeating.
That's all it takes.
The way you carry yourself is very important. Self confidence plays a key role in that. The way you portray yourself is how others will perceive you. 
So be fit and stay happy. Let others be obsessed with size zero!

(Image courtesy: Google Images)


Unknown said...

good one.. must read for all gals...

bhargavi said...

nice deeps :) interesting :))

Deepz said...

@Bala: Thank you :)
@ Bhargo: Thanks dear :)

debajyoti said...

that's a fun read and there is a message as well. loved it.

Deepz said...

Thank you Debajyoti!

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