May 6, 2012

Back After a Long Hiatus..

The last time I posted on my blog was way back in March 2011. Fourteen months later, a wiser, older and healthier version of me is back!

I haven't blogged in a while because a lot of things transpired, right from a change in my single status to the loss of loved ones.

                                         I'm lost in thought as I stand at the sea shore..

Here is a lowdown of the year that was:
  •  I lost my paternal grandmother in March 2011 and my maternal grandmother in April this year. Their deaths caused a major blow to our family and we are still grieving. Hope their souls rest in peace.Amen. 
  •  I fell sick and had a host of health problems back to back from February to April this year.
  •  I got married in September 2011! :)
It opened up a whole new world for me..I had to learn to manage my home, in laws and yet continue with my job.

Marriage is definitely a  major, life changing event. A new set of responsibilities beckoned which I embraced halfheartedly. I lost a major chunk of  the precious commodity called time while I learnt to 'manage' things and people.
On a more positive note, I would like to say that since I married my college sweetheart ( my knight in shining armour), I don't have much to worry about. I feel blessed to have a very loving and supportive hubby who encourages me in every endeavour of mine. He shares the responsibilities which makes my load lighter. He will stand by me no matter what! And that's what counts for me.

Getting back to talking about my blog,
I hope to blog regularly from now on (read atleast four times a month), though I can't guarantee it. But I'll pop in from time to time.

P.S: I've prepared a list of topics which I will be blogging about, so stay tuned for more updates. Ciao!


Shekar said...

4 posts a month is not bad at all ... Waiting ...


Deepz said...


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