May 16, 2012

How Mobile Internet Changed My World

Before talking about how internet on mobile changed my world, I would like to present the two phases of my life:

1. Before Mobile Internet (BMI) - Not to be confused with Body Mass Index * those on a diet beware*, this phase of my life was characterized by :
  • dependence on a large desktop computer for my internet needs 
  • browsing only when my mom or dad weren't using the computer and only when they allowed me to
  • long periods of restlessness while waiting for my slow dial up connection to connect me to the internet
  • followed by long periods of sitting on an uncomfortable chair while browsing broadband internet
  • which eventually and drastically reduced the time I spent online because it lead to back pain
  • me at the receiving end of regular scoldings from mom and dad as I browsed late into the night
  • restarting the computer and waiting impatiently just because I forgot to reply to an email

2. After Mobile Internet (AMI)- Not to me confused with anything else *cautions everyone*, this phase of my life is characterized by:
  • freedom- to browse anywhere, anytime!
  • happiness because of my new found freedom
  • no pain, since I can browse the internet even while lying on my comfy bed
  • no scoldings because my parents aren't aware of my late night foray into the world wide web (they thought I was sleeping! )
  • no worries when my home broadband connection doesn't work
  • access to the world on my fingertips 24*7

Now, let me talk about how internet on mobile changed my world:

Ever since I got my first mobile phone,I have always been a Vodafone subscriber. I tend to buy a new mobile once in two years but I have always stayed with Vodafone,thanks to great connectivity and SMS packs. A basic SMS pack and internet pack are enough for my daily needs.
I am a self-confessed internet junkie ; online almost 18 hours a day, whether at work or at home. I sometimes use my laptop to browse the net when at home, but MOST of the time, I'm hooked to my mobile!
Why? Simply because internet on my mobile is hassle free to use. I don't have to worry when my home broadband connection doesn't work- I have Vodafone to help me out!
So, whatever I do, I renew my mobile internet pack regularly without fail. What will happen if I forget? I can't imagine!

So I installed an app on my phone to remind me to recharge, that too via internet on Vodafone.

Be it chatting with friends, playing games online, staying connected with family, watching videos or browsing for news, internet on Vodafone is so much fun!
That is just the tip of the iceberg. I also enjoy downloading useful apps for my android phone- on topics ranging from cooking to reading. Thanks to mobile internet I can say that I am a 'Jill (Jack)of all trades'- I can:
  • update my blog
  • check e-mail
  • use social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • stay updated with the latest news
  • get job alerts
  • prepare for competitive exams
  • increase my vocabulary
  • download/read e-books and magazines which I find interesting
  • recharge my mobile
  • google anything and everything on the web
  • read books 
  • listen to music
  • do some shopping
  • find my way easily, anywhere , thanks to Google maps ( without asking scary strangers for directions)
  • and much more! 
(Images Courtesy: Google Images)

Want to have fun with Internet on Vodafone? Click on

 This post is my entry for the 'Internet is fun on Vodafone' contest on IndiBlogger.


Anonymous said... info...funny images...ha ha..rofl

Shekar said...

enjoyed reading ur blog . . . esp. BMI & AMI and the supporting images (the one 'Things to do when the internet is down' is damn good) . . .

kudos to the blogger . . . keep it up


Deepz said...

Thank you anonymous :)
Thank you very much Sekhar Periappa :)

Ash said...

Ha ha :D even i have no clue what to do when my internet isnt working!

Deepz said...

hmm..most of us are in the same position these days :)we have become internet addicts!

Ash said...

Totally. Your blog is very nice, have subscribed to it. Keep writing! :)

Deepz said...

Thank you ! :) I'm glad that you like my blog..

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