Oct 1, 2014

Physical versus digital books- My opinion

“A book, being a physical object, engenders a certain respect that zipping electrons cannot. Because you cannot turn a book off, because you have to hold it in your hands, because a book sits there, waiting for you, whether you think you want it or not, because of all these things, a book is a friend. It’s not just the content, but the physical being of a book that is there for you always and unconditionally.”- Mo Willems

Nothing can quite match the charm of a 'real' book, as opposed to its digital version. Reading physical books is a unique experience, a sensory journey of sorts..

The rustle of pages in the wind, the enticing woody scent of paper, the printed word in all its splendour with the ink glistening in sunlight and the comfy feel of holding the book with both the hands; all these are part of the beautiful trip that you as a reader, take.

When owned and loved, the book physically grows old with you; the much-turned pages are lightly folded at the edges, giving a feeling of familiarity. The paper gradually begins to possess a yellowing tinge, which brings in a touch of sadness. Some food or coffee stains remind you of the earlier times when the book was read.

Sometimes, you tend to mark certain paragraphs in the book, to highlight the segments that you enjoyed, but you may also make notes in the margins, adding your thoughts, thereby personalizing the book.
Some of you prefer to keep your books as good as new, a stranger may think that the book has not been read even once. But you know better. You have lost count of the scores of times that you have relished the book, but you like to keep it as pure as possible, not marking it in any way. It is after all the result of an author's hard work and must not be tarnished, according to you.

Books possess a pride of place in some persons' drawing room showcases. Others dedicate entire bookshelves, whilst yet a few have a separate room for their perpetually growing collection of tomes- a home library.

Even as digital books find preference among many,physical books will always linger in the hearts of readers...loved forever for the great experience they provide...

Afterthought: If you are still not convinced, check out this link

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