Nov 30, 2010

Take a Chill Pill!

" When life gives you lemons...... make lemonade "

This simple, age old saying indicates that you can make the best of what you're given.
It is entirely in your hands.
(You can even sell the lemons on e-bay or squirt the lemon juice in life's eye!)
You are the deciding authority on your life. You can chose to be happy or sad, but only YOU can control it.
Never allow any external circumstance to control you. The power to self control lies within you!

Don't let worries or problems overwhelm you. You have one life after all and you might as well live it to the fullest. (unless you believe in life after death!)

  • Try to be optimistic- always look at the glass as 'half full' , rather than 'half empty'. Having a positive outlook always helps.
  • Take time to have fun. Just chill out by doing stuff that you enjoy- be it partying with friends or just relaxing as a couch potato. Whatever you do to de-stress, make sure that you do it wholeheartedly The aim is to have a good time.
  • Learn to find humor in everyday monotony. Each situation can be viewed in different angles, one of them being comic. If you can find humor in most things, your work is almost done.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously. Keep smiling and stay cool. But at the same time, ensure that you do not stay laid back. Learn to act according to the situation.
Most importantly, maintain a good balance between seriousness and chilling out.
Have the right attitude towards life. That is what ultimately matters..

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nknown said...

Can see the influence of The monk who sold his ferrari. Good work

Deepz said...

Thank you Suvarna :) It was just an idea that I penned down..then maybe I should write a book too! :P

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