Nov 15, 2010

A Typical Week

Ask any random employed person on this earth and this is the reply you will get about his/her typical week

Monday :  It begins on a dull note. The weekend has just gone by and I've got to drag myself to work. Monday morning blues are sky high. I go through my daily work tasks like a zombie. I'm sleepy and tired

Tuesday : Anger slowly begins to rear its ugly head. I'm irritated as I accomplish my daily quota of work. I haven't entirely recovered from the weekend mode but I try hard to come back to work mode .

Wednesday : My anger touches the roof. I am in a VERY BAD mood and I feel need to have a "Danger" sign on my forehead to prevent people from being the target of my explodable emotions.

Thursday : I'm slowly recovering from my "angry" phase and become thoughtful. I carry on with my work in a calm manner.

Friday : My facial expressions are the window to what I'm feeling. I can't conceal my happiness that the weekend is VERY near. I'm planning FUN for the weekend as I try to finish my tasks soon and ESCAPE!

Saturday : I'm literally beaming! All 32 teeth are visible as I begin to enjoy my weekend.(free from work!) I have a leisurely weekend or a "party hard" weekend, depending on the circumstances.

Sunday: The day begins on a happy note. But by evening time I slowly realize that tomorrow I've got to be back at work. My joy has been snatched away.

Note: The above mentioned stuff may not be the same for all. It could be different for certain people. It is just an expression of my observations :)

I received the above images via email, which served as an idea for the  post!


Unknown said...

Very funny...keep posting funny things

nknown said...

very true

Unknown said...

Very funny, loved the cartoon :00

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