Oct 3, 2014

Coffee: the powerful beverage

Someone asked me why I love coffee?? Well, the answer is quite simple. Every time I drink a cup of coffee, I feel super-charged. It makes me active and helps me out of energy slumps. I just love the beverage. Here are a few reasons-
  • When I wake up in the morning, all it takes is just a teeny-weeny cup of coffee to rev up my internal engine. I go from groggy-eyed to bright-eyed in a matter of minutes!
  • When I'm working and my mind feels heavy, I just take a few sips of coffee and there I go- my brain goes to fast forward mode and I start afresh with renewed energy.
  • A steaming cup of coffee acts as a great companion when I curl up with a book and some snacks during rainy evenings.

Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee_production_in_India
  • Drinking coffee makes me feel good. Yes, it really does. When I'm feeling low or down in the dumps, I just make myself a cup of coffee. I sit in a comfy chair, just close my eyes and relish the beverage, focusing only on drinking it and soon I become oblivious to everything around me. It is a sensory journey that I undertake-I deeply inhale the aroma of coffee and imagine coffee beans in my mind's eye..Well, its a kind of meditation that I do. But the point is, at the end of my coffee-drinking, I feel much better- sadness vanquished.
  • Coffee powder smells divine! The aroma of freshly ground coffee powder is enchanting, to say the least. I totally love it.
  • I reach for a cup of coffee when I need an instant cure from a splitting headache. In my opinion, it is better to drink a cup of strong coffee than to pop pills at such times.
Not only these, but there a loads of other reasons why coffee is good for me. And hey I know all about the arguments against coffee- high caffeine content and all, but I just prefer to live in my contented bubble. I stick to a maximum of two small cups of coffee a day and I'm not really addicted to the beverage. So, as long as I'm not consuming too much of anything, I guess it may not affect my health adversely, right?

Anyway, check out this link where you can find why coffee is supposedly good for health. :)
Cheers! (*raises coffee cup to say adieu for now*)


Vinay Leo R. said...

From a coffee lover to another... "Cheers!"

* Raises coffee cup back *

Absolutely agree with you on the 4th point :)

bookworm said...

Years ago, when I had problems with migraines, I found that coffee worked better than anything. Since then, I've discovered that it is the caffeine. I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Alana

Deepz said...

@ Vinay: nice to hear that...:) So now I know that I' m not the only one who relies on coffee to perk up my mood.

@bookworm: I totally agree..the aroma is exceptional :) hope your migraine is under control now...

Unknown said...

I also love coffee. I can take coffee at any time of the day.

Deepz said...

@Usha: :)

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